Destination Rotation Single

The Destination Rotation Single is 100% analog and low noise. The doppler effect is tight and the phasing characteristics are liquid sounding. The DR Single is 100% hand-built and thoroughly tested before it leaves my hands. It is built like a tank with high quality components, all lead (Pb) free soldered to a carefully designed and super-solid, double sided, plate-through PC board that is also Pb free. All that is housed in a die-cast aluminum box that will not rust or fall apart. As with all Option 5 products, the DR Single is built to last!


  • All analog circuitry.
  • Smooth, switchable overdrive feature.
  • Top side trimmers for slow/fast speed tweaking.
  • Mic placement control for effect depth.
  • Realistic speed up/down ramping effect.
  • Standard 9 volt operation.
  • Low profile box. (Voodoo Lab size)
  • True Bypass.
  • RoHS compliant.